Day 17/100

Today was personal training with Hailee .

I can’t get over deadlifts and how much has form has changed. I really can feel all my muscles in my back activating and it seems like two seconds ago I was just training with the bar.

We also began doing pause deadlifts. This is where you use a lower weight , pull to your knee hold it for 3 seconds (Hailee counts this down) and then finish.

We all began doing good mornings in which you hold the bar on your back and try and move so that your back stays flat while your knees your slightly bent.

It’s hard to explain so I’ll see if I can find a step by step image of it. Or better yet get a photo of me doing it.

Either way…my arms feel like jelly today.

mmm jelly.


Day 16/100 (The First Slip up)

So today.

I had plans to run.

But turns out I wouldn’t do any exercise today. It’s the first day since I started my goals that I wasn’t active for 30 minutes.

I was initially mad that the day seemed to slip away from me but ultimately I wasn’t feeling a run or yoga or even a brisk walk. I knew this was bound to happen at some point in my challenge. We all feel this way at the start of the year when we set a workout goal and as soon as something goes wrong..we just give up instantly . Even most 100 day challenges encourage a rest day. But like anything my goal is to TRY and exercise everyday if I can. Life happens but if I can even hit 75 days out of 100 at this point…I’ll take it.

So going from here…it may happen again..but like anything I need to keep trying!

I’m happy to share however that I managed to avoid snacking late and drank water like it was going out of style.

I’m hoping for a better week ahead.


Day 15/100

Today I worked again so I managed to work a longer yoga session before driving into work.

This was a great benefit since being a New Driver I’m experiencing a bit of anxiety still but the meditation and relaxation of yoga allows me to clear my head and enter the car a lot more calmly!

The healthy habit of water was accomplished today and although my stomach was still bothering me. Jeremy and I managed to have a semi healthy dinner while watching Netflix.

I’m hoping my stomach and nerves settle soon since it’s getting to be a bit of nuisance.


Day 14/100 (Working for the Weekend)

So recently my work has become on call which is fine but unfortunately this means I need to be VERY flexible at the last minute.

I worked today till only about 4 . So I did a short yoga workout before I left for work. This was good as I was trying to relax before driving. This was my first time driving to the northshore by myself since acquiring my licence so woo to that.

That being said I found my stomach bothering me all day again. And even though my dad and I went out for greek food I didn’t eat as much as I normally do.

I tried to make sure I was drinking water at least

Not my best day

Not my worst.

But here I am! Still trying to keep at it as best I can.


Day 13/100

One of biggest challenges is my own mind. (The joys of mental health I promise to share more on here at some point but today is not that day)

I did my routine of yoga but yet that didn’t feel like enough but unfortunately the blerch that is my mind said I couldn’t be bothered and what was the point?

It’s not the worst day by far and my healthy habit of water was fine…but the other challenge today was eating. I barely ate today. Not because I didn’t want to but because my stomach was in knots and then I found myself feeling rather unwell even if I did eat.

This was a major discovery when I first began going to therapy for my anxiety. I had NO idea there was such physical symptoms (stomach pains and more things that I would not share with the internet but I’m sure you get what I’m implying) for the longest time I would blame it on my lactose intolerance. I’ve noticed this can last days as well. It’s not fun but it’s also why I’m so nutrition focused.

It’s also why I found myself sleeping unwell too..I really do need to make that a healthy habit at some point. Maybe for next week .

Until then I shall be trying to relax and getting my stomach to settle.


Day 12/100

Today was a Personal Training day with Hailee. It’s 50 minutes of strength training…and getting my butt kicked

Also happy note I DROVE TO THE GYM AND IT WAS SO LIBERATING. Also I parked faraway so I would walk more.

My favourite machine at the gym is the rowing machine. First off I feel like Kevin Spacey in House of Cards whenever it gets intense. Second it’s a great way to warm up without a treadmill or biking

Treadmill running is rather hard for me but a nice option. I must admit I always feel like a cartoon character waiting to fall flat on my face. and yet I run outside like no problem.

Today was the start of a new program. So besides our usual squat training we did some work on my triceps which is awesome..because I have no arm muscle. Even at my fittess with Tae Kwon Do in High School Push ups were still a challenge.

Healthy Habit 1

I drank SO MUCH water today. LIKE RIDICULOUSLY so much water . And feel so great for it.

Healthy Habit 2 

Managed to avoid snacking late and ate 3 square meals with small snacks. So success!

Feeling positive, feeling motivated. Just overall feeling great

I will admit I’m feeling anxious given my new found freedom with my licence but I know this will pass with time. For that I am grateful



Day 11/100

Today was a yoga day. I was feeling rather tight from the gym and rather fraught with nerves . I decided an hour of yoga with meditation was the best course of action. I’m hoping after a consistent month of this I can start working on my flexibility more! Maybe even go so far as to attempt some crazy poses..

Turns out it was exactly what I needed as my nerves were slightly calmer and I managed to successfully pass my driving test. (I plan to write more about this another time..but it’s a LONG story so I’ll save that for another time)

I’m liking my routine so far. I obviously need to work in more running but I’m enjoy my varied intensity when it comes to working out. And I can tell you now my mood is way better. I’m hoping with a bit more time my sleep will start improving too. I find myself being rather wound lately as I go to sleep. That’s usually after reading too…

Healthy Habit 1

Managed to slip up at dinner with Jeremy and ordered an ice tea. But otherwise I managed to drink water all day!

Healthy Habit 2

Success! We saw a movie that started at 7 and I didn’t eat anything once the movie began . Let’s see if I can keep the streak going


Day 9/100 (Food Transformation)


It’s hard. No doubt but I am so focused on being honest here about my food struggles here we go.

Yesterday I not only eat terribly I didn’t eat enough. I don’t have a reason. But despite my yoga session (by the app is called Down Dog if you’re interested !) I know deep down no amount of exercise is going to make a difference.

I’m not about to share a bunch of memes about abs in the kitchen, but a BIG chunk of mental health management is about food.

So 100 days…that’s about 14 weeks (I had to google and count don’t judge me!) So I figure 15 habits that help me eat better over that time? 1 a week basically. Totally reasonable

This week it’ll be too since i started today. Monday is always a better day for me to focus. #motivationalmonday

So this weeks habits are

1- Water. No carbonation whatsoever 

2- No food/snacks after 8pm

So why these first? I’ll tell you!

Water is about hydration. I don’t like headaches and most often when you think you might be hungry might actually be thirsty. But my focus is being well hydrated as I workout and sweat. Don’t forget the electrolytes of course. Not to mention I don’t need pop. Even when I drink I go for a Gin and Tonic which is bubbly and even then it’s like …meh. So starting this week. It’s water and tea. I have lots of tea. It’s wonderful


The food snack habit is just to avoid late night eating. Not to mention it’s to help me focus on getting a good nights rest. Crucial to exercise mental health and overall well being.

So I plan to now add this into my daily posts

  • -how much water did I have?
  • did I managed to avoid snacking?

As I continue to expand I’ll share other habits

Got an idea for a healthy food habit? Please share! I’m always open to ideas besides of what I come across pinterest


Day 8/100 (1 week down)

I woke up this morning after an awful sleep. I have no idea what happened but I didn’t fall asleep till after 2am. Thank goodness for friends in the UK who are able to face time with me and help me fall asleep.

With this my yoga session was rather rushed this morning since I went to church and would be spending the day with Mr Tall (Jeremy) and his family.

I’m glad I got it done but I wish I had done at least 45 minutes. But no matter it’s been done and I’m happy to report I am now down to 1 week in my challenge which makes me happy.

Not super thrilled with how I ate today. I could have said no the popcorn at the movies..but it was very tempting luckily I shared with Mr Tall so it’s not the end of the world.

I’m happy with how I’m doing so far.

Trying to focus on little goals, recognising those achievements and taking it a day at a time. It’s all you can do but it really makes for a better long term success. I want to be able to look back at the end of this challenge and see some habits form.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

And may the force be with you

(Saw Star Wars and second time..what can I say i’m sucker for space ships!)