Running Bucket List

I always talk about a Running Bucket List and races and goals for the future. This is just the beginning.

  • To run a full Marathon
  • Run the Nike Womens Marathon (because a Tiffany necklace like how could I not?
  • To try and qualify for Boston (This might not happen till I’m a little older but I can dream!)
  • To complete a Triathalon
  • To run A Rock & Roll in Europe
  • Run Rock & Roll Vegas
  • Meet Dean Kanarzes
  • Get Matthew Innman to draw a Blerch for Me. As well get a photo with him
  • Run Melissa’s Road Race (because it’s my name!)
  • Run a Disney Race
  • Run a Trail Race
  • Get top in my Age Category
  • Complete Concrete Hero
  • Run the Spartan Race
  • Run the Hot Chocolate 15k

Got something I should race? Or a goal? Suggest it to me!


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